Originally from the charmingly diverse Lima, Peru. But consider beautiful Shelburne, Vermont as my home in the US. I am a 2012 Graphic Design graduate with a Digital Art and Design concentration from the University of New Haven in Connecticut. 
I am currently located in New York City while pursuing a MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design. 
My goal is to be able to use new technologies to create solutions for society both in Peru and in the United States by way of using my unique personal identity and, cultural and professional backgrounds. I also believe that the study and personal interest of learning how to apply critical thinking into design will allow me to accomplish better projects as a student and future technologist.
I am very enthusiastic and challenged to learn about what tools and different technologies I could apply towards my ultimate goal, which is to explore social justice, anthropology and sociology, gastronomy, agriculture and education. 
It is my belief that Design will never exist without the simplest expression of Art and its blending with human intuition to investigate all solutions to a determinate problem. I think a Designer has to solve problems that challenge his or her thoughts. As artist Jorge Eielson said: “Being an artist is defying reason, time, death…”  
Alonso J. Castro
MFA Design & Technology '17 
Parsons School of Design 
alonsojcastro@gmail.com | alonsojcastro@newschool.edu | 802.363.7824

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