Happiness would sync to a wearable product, like a health tracking bracelet for example. The App would reproduce all data including the levels of stress. The user would click on whichever color is the lowest rated data and would give daily suggestions to make yourself happy. Suggestions would be set monthly or yearly by the user. 
The dashboard shown on the phone with all data recorded where the user would click on each unit which will open a following page with details. On the other side, the website sample shows a unit page with the weight data.
Whenever someone would click over a unit on the dashboard, it would take it to the data set for that particular unit. For examlpe, if the stress icon is selected the person would see the particular stress levels for the day, week, month or whatever was selected in the set up of the App. For the stress levels of sleep for each dashboard unit...black is sleep. The results after selecting a color would be a suggestion.
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